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Skeleton Rock and Brush Grapples are the most versatile grapples built to withstand the abuse of the most powerful skid loaders on the market while at the same time being an invaluable tool for smaller machines. Available in 62″, 68”, 74”, 78” and 84” widths. These commercial grade grapples feature 3” spacing between each 3/8” tine with a 1” cold rolled shaft welded through the center of all the teeth, and are tied together by a ½” grade 50 serrated cutting edge out front making them ideal for back dragging, raking, wedging small trees and even land leveling. The bucket section of the grapple is robot welded solid for precision and strength, not stitched together like others on the market. These grapples feature removable bolt on side plates which make them highly usable with a variety of applications from scrap metal, fire wood, logs, brush piling, to rocks. The possibilities are endless. Like all of our grapples they have fully grease-able pivot points, cylinder covers and enclosed grapples. Dual cylinder grapples open and close together but close to different levels making them ideal for grasping and holding uneven loads in the bucket. All hydraulic attachments come with hoses, cylinders and flat face couplers. Please call for additional information!


• 62″, 68″, 74″, 78″, 84″
• 3/8″ material
• 1/2″ Hardened cutting edge
• 3″ spacing between teeth
• Fully Greasable
• Removable Bolt on Side Plates
• Cylinder Covers Included

Made of 3/8" steel with 3" tine spacing

Has removable bucket sides and fully greaseable

HD 62" Rock Grapple Wt. 860 lbs .......... $1699.00

HD 68" Rock Grapple Wt. 900 lbs .......... $1749.00

HD 74" Rock Grapple Wt. 950 lbs .......... $1799.00

HD 78" Rock Grapple Wt. 1000 lbs .......... $1849.00

HD 84" Rock Grapple Wt. 1100 lbs .......... $1925.00